by Rinc
Guttersnipe by Rinc
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HelterSkeleton Rep. 6344
#5   18 Nov 2019
i really like the layout of this map and I think it works really well in TA so credit to Rinc for converting it. There are many consistent team arena releases out there but very few that have that wow factor in terms of game play itself! Lots of great opportunities for building up power-up combinations. You can pick up the scout to defend a really large base while still having access to the mh, or doubler and mh/quad for harvest and overload, guard and haste to give you the speed required for flag captures and the health needed for rocket jumps and all the hits you will take in the opponent's base. I also like the teleporter that takes you straight back to the flag room if you find it under heavy attack shortly after heading out. But it is a conversion so points off for originality and the reviewer is right especially about the lighting and directional markers just because there are a few places where you can easily find yourself heading back into your own base again. So points off for navigation issues. But a good release for TA overall.
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aohxslayer unregistered
#4   10 Nov 2004
wtf was this guy thinking? He needs light in just about the entire map!
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Tigger-oN unregistered
#3   10 Jul 2001
I see them as more than just a guide for the frist time you play a map. They are a great visual queue and can be a quick reference point. There is heaps more you could do with them to.

You could use them to map the main path while the shorter paths could be hidden, rewarding the more experienced players. This is just one alternative for directional markers thats has not really been used yet (that I've seen).

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Tetzlaff unregistered
#2   09 Jul 2001
Since Team Arena many mappers overdo it with that directional arrows... but they are nothing more than a guide for someone who plays the map for the very first time! After 3 games you learned the layout and don´t need those stupid looking arrows any more :p

Haven´t downloaded the TA version yet, but I had some very enjoying games with the standart Q3 version of this map (and I didn´t found the layout very confusing).

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Johnny Law unregistered
#1   09 Jul 2001
Heheh. Yep, directional arrows would have done wonders for this map. However, if you want to learn the layout, the standard method works fine: noclip up to get an overview, then come back down and run the routes a couple of times and play a few botgames. It's not overly complex, just slightly nonintuitive at first.

I haven't played the TA version yet, but I remember thinking that the old Q3CTF version was quite nice but flag-to-flag time was just a bit too long. I imagine that the map will translate well into TA gameplay... gonna give it a try.

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