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SadSpace by polo

A simple open space map with a strong layout and a few surprises. Two large eyes on two of the floors, and a large hooded scull make for interesting textural features. Going for the Rail Gun for the first time triggers a little surprise as well as letting others know you have the gun. The author has used an excellent strategy to include a large wav file without making the download overly large. When you extract the file a group of small programs (a batch file, Strange and PKZIP) converts an mp3 to a WAV file then repacks the PK3 with the new sound file. The mp3 is about 4 megs and the WAV is about 15. Though not everyone is going to like the music once it is unpacked. Bots play the level ok but are predictable.

Good fun on a small space level

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (10 votes)

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