Evil Castle
Evil Castle by bYxio

An enjoyable level but it is missing that certain something that makes it stand out.

A mostly open arena set in blue stone walls with a number of ledges and walkways making up a second floor. There is a third floor with a few items on it running around the out side wall but this walkway is seldom used at all.

The level plays best as a 3 or 4 player DM. The Rail gun position encourages camping and is in a very controlling point of the map. Parts of the second floor are too high to Rocket Jump onto which forces players to use the pre set pathways. A few minor technical errors in what is otherwise a solid construction. No bot file means no bot play.

Fun for a few rounds.

Bot file: Thanks to Mapsking for putting together a bot file for this release. 26th Apr, 2020.

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (7 votes)

Download: Evil Castle by bYxio