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polo unregistered
#8   19 May 2001
for the railgun, i whant a plateform with no camping, so the sound and the skull... nobody can be hiden here, the border of the platform just add a little danger for this heavy weapon. And a rocket on the border is more dangerous i think.
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Thanatos unregistered
#7   16 May 2001
Very good map! (Won't say "excellent", 'cos I feel it's lacking in a few areas; nevertheless, well done, Polo.)

Liked the gigantic hooded skull, reminds me of the massive goat skull on the wall of the final Doom2 level (Icon of Sin). The eyes were a nice touch, also. These 2 textures, plus the 4 flame towers made it feel like the map was actually made in hell! :)

On the negative side: I think you need to include a few more health globes. A bunch of green healths, or possibly 1 or 2 yellow healths at the flame towers area would help. Of course, I tend to play more cautiously/defensively than most people, so you might not agree with this.

And, as with Martin, I had real trouble getting the RG most of the time. Kept slamming into the side of the platform. And for some reason, Q3 always played the taunt sound every time I went near the RG. Was this intentional? (Guess it would make for a good warning for other players: "Yipes! He's taunting: must have the RG! :)

7/10 (..::lvl doesn't allow fractional scores, or it would have been a 7.5. :(

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Sexcellent Eeem unregistered
#6   16 May 2001
"And just make sure that sv_pure 0 is set"

Bleh. That's a GREAT solution.

"Mac users are another story"

There are unzipping utilities on the Mac. I can make no guarantees about user-competence, but that's not really the issue here. ;) If anything, distributions of maps should be idiot-proof... there are plenty of morons running Windows too, who are just as likely to screw up when faced with something nonstandard. :)

I can understand there's a tradeoff ... enormous map archives are less likely to be downloaded. Still, good maps will be downloaded regardless of size, and smart mappers will do what they can to reduce that size within the contraints of a cross-platform game that's served pure for best results. IMO. :)

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Tigger-oN unregistered
#5   15 May 2001
And just make sure that sv_pure 0 is set, otherwise you will be kicked. Untill Q3A (standard) has mp3 support like RA3 this is will be a problem. Unix/Linux users should be able to work out that the polo3dm2.exe is a self extracting zip file and just run unzip on it. Mac users are another story
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polo unregistered
#4   15 May 2001

on others platforms, you can play with no music.

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Sexcellent Eeem unregistered
#3   15 May 2001
"The author has used an excellent strategy to include a large wav file without making the download overly large. When you extract the file a group of small programs (a batch file, Strange and PKZIP) converts an mp3 to a WAV file then repacks the PK3 with the new sound file."

This is only an "excellent scheme" for one platform. Custom maps are served on multiple platforms, and have a multiple-platform player audience. Unless, of course, each platform has a different .pk3 for the same map. :

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martin unregistered
#2   14 May 2001
this is pretty cool - the shaders for item placements are a nice change from the "scar in the tiles" and the custom textures are really good too.

the only problem i had (and it may be intentional - i don't know) is that the rail gun platform was really easy to miss, either by overshooting or by not reaching it at all. apart from that, really good fun to play.

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twf unregistered
#1   14 May 2001
what a map!!!!!!!!
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