..::LvL & PlanetQuake Pack 1: Space Madness
..::LvL & PlanetQuake Pack 1: Space Madness by Various

..::LvL and Planet Quake have put together a little something for you all - A Map Pack of some of the best user made Space levels released to date. Here is the complete list;

A Single Player mission is also included so that you can run through all the maps against bots. Just select lvl-pq-pack1 from the mods menu.

We have also made it easy for server Admins with the inclusion of a map cycle config. Typing exec lvl-pq-pack1.cfg will start the map cycle. This will also work fine on LAN's.

So there you have it, the first combined ..::LvL / PlanetQuake map pack - Grab it now!

There is a Single Player only download available if you have all the maps. This needs to unzipped to you Quake III Arena folder with directories.

Update - A number of issues were pointed out by FistMarine. The current download fixes all known issues. (28th May, 2012)