Jailhouse Frag
Jailhouse Frag by iGREKKESS

Styled on Jail House Frag by Craig Redinger from the Quake2 Chaos mod, this map plays pretty well as a small DM map. All the overhead paths and bridges will keep you alert. Numerous doors allow you to constantly track your opponents location, just from the sound of doors opening and closing.

The item placement means you are never too far from an item, which is fine but the Quad is positioned to encourage camping, which is not too good. Bots are pretty easy to beat and have a few problems. They hang out around the platform, possible trying to get under it to the secret.

Fast game play, but can become predictable.

Update - The level has been updated and improved. Grab the new version. (29th Apr, 2001)

Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (17 votes)

Download: Jailhouse Frag by iGREKKESS