mfgothicdm2 by TheMic

A large dark abbey. The main hall is the most detailed part of the map, and it really hits the frame rate in this area. The lighting is good in parts, but there are a number of areas which are overly dark. Game play is restricted but O.K.. There are some good things happening in the level but connectivity and game flow are not in the mix. The chanting ambience is a little too much after a while. Bots don't play all that good and seem to hang out in the catacombs too much.

A very average level. (The zip contains a folder structure, so don't extract with folder names)

Patch file: Colton has put together a simply texture patch that fixes a missing texture issue - 4th June, 2016.

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (6 votes)

Download: mfgothicdm2 by TheMic