f8smappak0 by Crewmaac

A series of four CTF maps in one pak. A Twist of fate (f8sctf1) is nothing special and looking a lot like a first level although the common ground is nice. Ballistic Complex (f8sctf2) shows a lot of improvement over the first map both in game play and layout. The number of different paths makes games more interesting and enjoyable. Unfortunately, the item placement could have been better. Dueling Fate's (f8sctf3) - although the authors skill with Q3Radiant has clearly increased, the layout is confusing and lighting is too dark. Texturing is good, but poor game play overrides this. Halls Of Fate (f8sctf4) has ugly texturing and lighting and overly complex water passages, it not really worth playing. A lot more beta testing and time spent on layout will produce better maps for this author in the future.

It's a 10+ meg download for some very average maps.

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (41 votes)

Download: f8smappak0 by Crewmaac