illdm2-The Hive
illdm2-The Hive by redRum

Three massive towers float on an asteroid. A few meteoroids surround the main combat zone. On top of the towers are key items; Quad Damage, Heavy Armour and MegaHealth.

Visually unique and striking. Simple and effective texture choices create unity. While the vertical jump pads are clearly marked, the more horizontal launch pads are just a banked part of the ground. Some kind of highlight or texture change would have helped differentiate where the ground becomes functional.

Gameplay wise, a lot of the action is mid air combat. You will be spending almost as much time in the air as you will with your feet on the ground. The towers give the needed cover with a large array of recovery items scattered around. When you stop to look at the volume of Health and Armour Shards it appears to be too much. Oddly, this all helps with the fun element of this level.

Rocket Launchers and Shotguns are easy to pick up on the main area. Rail Guns can be found on the smaller islands. Taking the risk to a Rail Gun is required for picking up jump pad apex shots - one of the key gameplay and fun elements of this release.

Bots will move all over the place without issue.

This release would have been a breath of fresh air back in 2005 when originally released. In 2024, it is still strong. Mid-air rail shots never get old!

Tig's notes: Due to a hard drive failure redRum lost illdm1 and illdm3. If anyone has a copy of these, please get in touch.

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: illdm2-The Hive by redRum