Back in 2010, Rynvord followed up Stronghold in Space with this release titled VIOLENCE INTERDICTION. A visually similar level that plays very differently. The paths are tighter, the openness is gone. While still a space map, you are now playing in mostly internal corridor like areas with falls to the void.

The map was a contribution to the Academic IT Festival in Kraków (assuming in 2010). This explains the overview layout that features the SFI logo, visible from above. Essentially, the layout is a maze of stairs and jumps under the roof of that SFI logo with the odd jump pad launching you into the space above. This gives you a clear view of the logo before teleporting back into the game.

The simple texture choices with blue lights and trims work well to create a strong theme. The Gothic cross lights with blue glow produce a retro feel. Something old with a modern tweak look.

A bot file has been included, but is pretty much pointless. The bots will simply stay put until you come into their visual range, then comically spring to life.

Disappointingly, a copy of common.shader has been included in the PK3. Why is this a concern? This shader script is included in the base game and should not be in user made releases. If an author has made a change to this file, the changes could be visible in any other map. All shader changes that are unique to a map should be in their own shader file. If you do notice any issues with other levels, be sure to delete this PK3 first.

Layout seems to have been restricted by the SFI logo. Lack of real bot support means LAN games only.

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