q30tourney1 by *ZeRo*

An interesting Tourney map released in 2006 by *Zero*, a mapper with a number of releases here. A big rectangular room welcomes you to the arena. At one end there is the Rail Gun, and at the other the Rocket Launcher. In the corridors on the sides, the Plasma Gun. The main item in the map is a Yellow Armor.

In effect, the map is significantly scarce in armor and health. Either if on purpose or not, this adds a significant degree of strategy to the gameplay (appropriate for a Tourney map), particularly given the weapon selection available (RL, PG, RG). As you know, if you are hit by a Rail Gun, a few Machine Gun or Plasma Gun hits will finish you off. The open nature of the map makes this very likely. Looking for cover while moving around is a must in this map. Playing this against a nightmare bot, particularly one with great Rail Gun + Machine Gun aim (for instance, Doom, Major, Xaero) will give you headaches (and hopefully fun!). Bots play the map well indeed.

The design of the map itself as well as the textures are nothing special, but this is more than compensated by the immersion the gameplay provides. Perhaps my only complaint is with the Rocket Launcher. While testing several rounds, I never really got to use it. Perhaps the Lightning Gun would have been a better choice.

To conclude, if you are up for strategic gameplay (rather than searching for a relaxing or perhaps energy-discharging carnage based experience), this map will supply you plenty.

Reviewed by raspatan

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: q30tourney1 by *ZeRo*