Lost In Technic
Lost In Technic by KIIIA

A solid Tourney map from 2007, yet missing from this site until now. It's a small industrial arena with two main rooms well connected, and enough space for some cool fragging. The main item in the map is the red armor, with scarce shards and health available.

The map requires a good deal of strategy. The selection of weapons (SG, LG and RL) is certainly geared towards this. If you don't mind a more "brainy" type of game, this map will certainly deliver a lot of fun. Bots play the map very well.

The only downside I found is the raised brush underneath the red armor and the weapons, a nice piece of aesthetics but significantly annoying to disturb your movements.

I think this might be a keeper! Check it yourself.

Reviewed by raspatan

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: Lost In Technic by KIIIA