The Geo Core
by Q
The Geo Core by Q

This map from 2002 is a circular, open arena with several layers well connected with bounce pads. This openness and connectivity gives the gameplay a great flow. There are plenty of weapons around. The Rail Gun in the middle of the map soon becomes a hotspot for many, as the map is ideal for that weapon (there is a "secret" location of another Rail Gun too).

In terms of items, it lacks armor, as it only has the yellow one and some shards here and there. In that sense, it is not very possible to last alive for very long (unless of course you enjoy playing "bring it on" level bots). Oddly enough, the only power up is a... flight. There is absolutely no point to it, except "fun". A Regen would have been much better, or even a red armor. The location of it is effortless too. Not a good choice.

Finally, in terms of textures and design, the map is very well made. It is kind of an energy station, greatly achieved with the circular brushes as well as some novel energy effects here and there. Overall, a great atmosphere.

I enjoyed playing it, but in my opinion it lacks that extra something to make it truly addictive. But I encourage you to try it. You might be positively surprised.

Reviewed by raspatan

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (5 votes)

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