Bullet in the Gun
by Yogi
Bullet in the Gun by Yogi

With multiple high-quality releases under his belt, as well as an excellent Arctic-themed texture pack that has seen use in one of his own creations as well as in some other great maps, Yogi is a bonafide Quake 3 level design powerhouse, yet somehow this map never got submitted to ..::LvL along with Yogi's other works, which is a real shame.

Aesthetically, this map flat-out slaps. The geometry makes use of many angled surfaces / trims to imbue depth and complexity into the design, from the walls to the ceilings and everything in-between. The texture work and lighting are fantastic; the color blue is clearly predominant throughout, but is used in such a way so as to not be overpowering or hard on the eyes, with lots of sleek and shiny metal trims, selectively scattered computer monitors, pulsating circuitry, and reinforced glass. Combining all of this with the immersive computerized beeping sounds and ambient hums, as well as the star-filled black sky seen faintly through the thick glass, help to establish an atmospheric and convincing spaceship vibe that is quite reminiscent of Star Trek, which is by all accounts a major plus in my book.

Of course, as clean, luxurious, and seemingly utopian as this place may be, it is nevertheless going to be used as the stage for some brutal and bloody fights. Bullet in the Gun is a compact map with plenty of intertwined rooms and corridors on multiple levels, with numerous ramps to add vertical variation to combat. The two main rooms each house a major item - one has a RA at the bottom end of a long ramp and looking down a hallway cutting through the middle of the map, while the MH sits at the end of a platform beside a jump pad. Oddly, there are no YAs, but there's multiple rows of shards spread throughout to provide players with an intermediate stack in-between cycles of the RA and MH. A two-way teleporter also exists to quickly beam players from the top to the bottom and vice versa.

Much of the gameplay predictably focuses on cycling through the RA and MH, especially with the lack of other armors present in the map. That's really my main issue with this map, as having a YA or two would help give a stack to the out-of-control players for duel. Still, as an FFA map, where such imbalances aren't as bad, this is a very exhilarating map that makes you feel like you're one of the crew members from Alien trying to escape the Xenomorph as the stacked players chase you down the hallways.

An excellent sci-fi spaceship map from a renowned author.

Reviewed by EmeraldTiger

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (6 votes)

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