Magnetic Centrifuge
Magnetic Centrifuge by AKUTA

Magnetic Centrifuge is a map with a futuristic tech atmosphere. There is a mixture of stock id Software textures and custom textures. Overall the map uses environment mapping shaders, so the map looks very shiny. There is no single dark spot, every area is well lit.

Item placement is very good, logical and item markers is a nice bonus. Rocket Launcher is placed in a red lit corridor under an openable grate and Rail Gun is placed on a higher ground corridor in an open siege. MegaHealth is placed higher above turn stairs, guarded by Lightning Gun sitting on a highest platform.

There also a secret area which holds BFG and Flight! But beware, entry is a little bit dangerous and you get teleported further away. Circle jump may do the trick, but I recommend you a classic old rocket jump to the BFG platform and rocket boost past to get Flight.

Details are pretty vast, AKUTA did not save much details on textures, the details are in an actual geometry. As with bots, they work very well.

Deathmatch game modes are very fast in fact and if you are playing on Team Deathmatch make sure to set bigger frag limit if you do not want a quick and dirty game. For Tourney, the map is a little bit oversized but it kind of works. Check it out.

Reviewed by CZghost

Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (14 votes)

Download: Magnetic Centrifuge by AKUTA