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Magnetic Centrifuge
******************************************** AKUTADM3-------MAGNETIC CENTRIFUGE ******************************************** Date : 1/04/2019 Filename : akutadm3.pk3 MapName : Magnetic Centrifuge Author : AKUTA Email : **email removed** Website : www.akuta.proboards.com Description : New level made from scratch. This map has ffa & tdm more : in mind than any other game type. However, it can be suited : for tourney play in mind as well. Item placement is the : same in all game modes except for tdm where there is slight. : differences. The bots navigate as well as can be expected : and negotiate every obstacle on the map except for using : the button to access the gate. However, there is multiple : routes beneath the gate which still allows them to go below : the gate as well. The jump pad textures and a few other : textures are my creation, but this map also utilized textures : and shaders created by Lunaran. Portals also belong to Lunaran. : There is also a fair amount used from Evil Lair as well. : I believe the skybox complimented the map well and therefore, : was utilized often. This map operates with no issues if played on : a clean copy of Q3A. If you are operating a MOD or anything : that modifies vanilla game files such as: Metal Tech it may conflict : with the map or any other map for that matter. Credits : ID Software : Lunaran (Still the best mapper out there imo) : Skybox--Valley of the Dead by: Mighty Pete : Evil Lair : Flipout (For weapon markers based on his model, however the BFG and FLIGHT icons were created by AKUTA) : CGtextures.com : Gtk-Radiant : Photoshop : Sincere apologies for anyone I forgot to mention. Maps :AKUTATOURNEY -- ------------Centrifuge :AKUTATOURNEY2- ------------Blitz :AKUTATOURNEY3- ------------PowerStroke :AKUTATOURNEY4- ------------Military Complex :AKUTATOURNEY5- ------------Core Gravity Drive :AKUTATOURNEY6--------------Deep Purple :AKUTATOURNEY7--------------Desalination :AKUTATOURNEY8--------------Running Man :AKUTADM1----------------------ALIEN :AKUTADM2----------------------Saxa Liquefacta :AKUTADM3----------------------Magnetic Centrifuge :All can be obtained at my website: www.akuta.proboards.com ***Construction*** Base : New level made from scratch Editor : Gtk-Radiant Bugs : None. Build Time : 2 weeks Compile Time : 1 minute Music : Yes Sounds : Yes Bot Support : Yes Application : 4-6 Players FFA ; TDM ; TOURNEY Weapons : All ***Copyright / Permissions*** Quake 3 Arena is a registered trademark of ID Software, INC. This map incorporates textures from Lunaran, Evil Lair, and a few from Flipout. Other authors textures used include the skybox which was created by Mighty Pete. Several other textures are created by the author including the jumppads. Anyone can use the jumppads or other textures of mine as they like just as long as they give me credit for them. You may distribute this map FREELY via internet, provided you include this TXT (readme) file and leave the archive intact with no modifications. If you would like to use this map in any other way, please contact me via email: **email removed** or reach me at my website: www.akuta.proboards.com Special Gratitude: ID Software, because without your game this would not exist.
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