Saxa Liquefacta
Saxa Liquefacta by AKUTA

I must say that Saxa Liquefacta is optically pretty large, but is actually sized closer to q3tourney2. Is quite a fast paced map for FFA and even more so for TDM. As for the Tournament game mode, I did not test, but I guess face to face duel will be similar with stock Q3 tournament maps.

This map uses stock ID Software's textures from game as well as some custom ones from various sources. Personally, I think that this map uses perfectly balanced textures and details are done using high res textures and decals. All weapons and MegaHealth have markers so you can see what item it is there if someone managed to pick it up before. Spawn rates are common for all items. I did not see any differences between item placement for FFA and TDM, so I guess the only difference would be addition of location names for teammates scoreboard. Overall, the map is good looking and plays very nice.

As for design, AKUTA chose an industrial look, something like a powerplant to be exact. There are some kind of moving pipes or what it should represent slime. Some neat details like generators, computer screens, light fixtures are present. The layout is kind of flat - consisting of 2 floor heights. The second floor is accessible via jumppads. Second floor is also broke up a little bit to lower part and upper part connected with stairs. There is a bridge similar to one from q3dm6.

A little secret accessible via rocket jump is included. Beware, this secret area is a little dangerous, but definitely worth of visiting for a nice bonus: BFG! Other than that there is RL sitting high, RG downstairs in a tunnel, GL on a shelf platform, PG and LG. All weapons have their ammo boxes of course. BFG ammo is hidden away high on upper pipes, accessible only via rocket jumping. MH lays down near one of the generators and RA looks down from powerplant gallery around the other generator.

Bot play is quite smooth, very fast and pretty tough to beat. Team Deathmatch play was way too fast for me. Before I started to play properly, the game ended. In fact, the game was so fast I did not even had a chance to see bots going for every single item in the map (with exception of BFG).

I must give this map a full rating. Definitely download if you like fast paced game like me :)

Reviewed by CZghost

Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (15 votes)

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