The Killing Machine
The Killing Machine by the Shib

An unofficial conversion of the famous ZTN2DM2 by ztn for Quake 2.

Some critical words and suggestions:

  1. The sounds of the lifts are missing.
  2. High resolution textures would look better and they do also exist.
  3. Most of us know that when looking down at a dynamic sky from above, it looks like there is a bug as the textures tear. Thus, I would recommend to use static skies (skyboxes) in such cases.

A lot of the strengths of the original design and playability are ported over to Quake 3, but the release is missing any sense of improvement. If anything it is a step backwards.

It is good for duels, FFA (up to 4 players) and TDM (2x2).

Bots are not supported.

Reviewed by V1979

Patch file: V1979 put together a patch PK3 that adds and changes the following:

  • Added lift sounds.
  • Added bot support.
  • Added skirmish menu support (FFA, TDM and Tourney).
  • Added higher quality textures.

Tigs notes: The lift sound is missing for all Quake 3 maps. This is a known issue and can be fixed by the author including their own sound. Alternatively, the author could have done what id Software did and replace the lift with a jump-pad. This is a real shame of a release. Would have been nice to see something more original when porting a map over.

Ranked: 2.7 out of 5 (3 votes)

Download: The Killing Machine by the Shib