The Killing Machine
The Killing Machine by the Shib
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Obsessed Rep. 616
#4   07 Feb 2018
It seems to me, such direct conversion isn't nice: the whole level is felt tight and LG becomes a deadly weapon (imho). LG is placed too close to PG, and the "open corner" is left w/o any weapon. The lift there is located so that it hinders jumping a little, I'd place a jumppad instead (imho, again). SG area seems to be unnecessary to visit at all, I'd place some more powerful weap there. That's all why this conversion again provoked me to another remake, and I hope I can finish it soon enough. =)
I loved this map, when playing Q2. It was difficult to resist. :D
Edited 15.97 minutes after the original posting.
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Tig Rep. 1604
#3   13 Sep 2015
The alternative PK3 that V1979 made has been added to the review, however it has been converted to a "patch" instead of a "replacement" PK3. This way the original download stays untouched. The patch version simply adds the changes without possible conflicts.

A patch instead of a replacement is the recommended way to do such changes. It is much cleaner and does not alter the original authors release (very important).

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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2324
#2   13 Sep 2015
Well, it looks to me like Tig fixed most of your grammar and sentence structure issues. I say most because I think your critical words/suggestions #2 should have been left be.

Good sentence structure makes your reviews easier to read. Personally I'd rather read it paragraph-by-paragraph as opposed to one giant blob of words. My suggestion is put more spacing in between your numbered suggestions.

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V1979 Rep. 315
#1   13 Sep 2015
Here is my original review of this map:
The release is a conversion of the famous ZTN2DM2 by ZTN for Q2.
Some critical words, suggestions:
  1. The sounds of the lift are missed:
-- could not find sound/movers/plats/pt1_strt.wav - using default
-- could not find sound/movers/plats/pt1_end.wav - using default
Though there are these sounds in the Q2 set (I used them while converting Q2DM1 and Q2DM2).
  1. High resolution textures would look better (they do also exist).
  2. Most of us know that when one looks at a dynamic sky from above, it looks like if there is a bug of a leak. Thus, I would recommend to use static skies (skyboxes) in such cases.
In general, the map is famous enough to describe its design and playability in details. It's good for duels, FFA (up to 4 players) and TDM (2x2).

Bots are not supported.
So, here is a link to the archive where I tried to fix something.

  1. I added missed sound, ztn2dm2.aas (so, now bots are supported).
  2. I replaced old textures with high resolution ones.
  3. I added FFA and TDM into ztn2dm2.arena.
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