La Petite
La Petite by cityy

Built for a 20 Brush map comp held on the Quake 3 World forums around the start of 2012. The map came in 2nd behind Space Invaders N Junk.

Game play is Tourney focused, super fast and aggressive. Reminded me of playing QuakeWorld on DM4 and Aerowalk. The lighting is pretty much spot-on for the rustic building aesthetic with nice comical touches like a graffiti styled teleporter.

The item placement is well balanced for such a small, tight map. The MegaHealth is interestingly positioned, requiring a teleport jump for a speedy pick-up or you can go the long way, which still requires a minor challenge.

There was only one very small issue when playing against a bot. A Rail Gun managed to fall into a pit near the teleporter to the MegaHealth and not disappear. For some reason, this put the bot into a loop of going into the teleporter, falling down, going over the edge close to the Rail Gun, then repeating. This would not often happen normally, if it all, so do not let this put you off an otherwise fantastic release.

If you are wondering why such a small map is a 53MB download, it is because of the high quality textures used.

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Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (9 votes)

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