Looking For Free Doom
Looking For Free Doom by DaEngineer

This is one cool map. I recommend playing it with more than 6, because of the size of the level - it is huge!

When I first spawned, I was too distracted by all the eye candy this level has. The aqua colored ooze that runs throughout the whole level is not friendly to touch, so avoid contact with the stuff.

This map seems to take place in a factory of some sort. According to the readme, it is a toxic waste facility. You can see out of reach conveyor belts carrying containers of toxic stuff from one part of the level to another, and with sound effects! But then, I should probably not be surprised, seeing as to how this is getting to be common in the new levels people make. They are so extraordinary. How do these people do it?

The gameplay is nothing to sneeze at either! The bots play the level fairly well, and I was often trying to find them. I got lost in this level on my first time. Personally, I like the area where there is an abyss. Something about it gives me a chilly, surreal feeling. And the whole level is nicely detailed with old and new textures.

Try it out, with as many bots (or players) as possible!

Reviewed by SW12

Tigs notes: This level is an interesting one. It really grows on you the more you play it. The layout may take a little longer to the learn the paths from one point to another, but once you have them, the level really starts to shine.

Ranked: 4.4 out of 5 (18 votes)

Download: Looking For Free Doom by DaEngineer