The Altar
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This small square map consists of 4 respawn rooms which enclose a larger central area.

You start in a random respawn room with MG, gauntlet and two random weapons. Once you leave your room, you can not get back in again - so be sure to grab the amour and health which is in there. In the middle of the central area a random powerup is placed and around the edges you will find ammo for your weapons. The main aim of this map is to show or improve your skills - there is only you or your enemy. You could also play it as a warm up map or just to have some fun with fragging. A secret is also included but discover yourself.

It is a shame that the height of he sky is so low - grenades disappear in the sky and nice air rockets/rails are not really possible but all in all it is a nice idea! Try to play a Tourney match with a fraglimit of 1 or 2 on it - it is extremely thrilling.

A custom bot is also included:
The map also includes a custom bot named Gorgon, which features a slightly modified Uriel skin. The bot is well-suited for the map, having haste, invisibility, rocket launcher and Lightning Gun for favorites. - The Altar Readme.

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