Curse of the Liandri
Curse of the Liandri by Speaker

As I was downloading this I was thinking to myself, I hope this is not Curse from Unreal, I opened up the read me and yep, it is. So this is a tough one because now I'm having to deal with CliffyB's material with another authors style for Q3A.

So here we go. CliffyB has remade this level a few times for the Unreal series and Speakers version is different from the original in a few ways. (1) It is in Q3A haha. (2) It is spacious, in which the original nor any other version is. I always felt very cramped and just sort of stuck in here no matter which game it was in. And (3) This has some atmosphere to it, which defiantly differs from the previous map submission.

Now the fact that this is a good remix, there are some aspects that could be looked upon as lacking. The weapon and item placements. For example, the MegaHealth just sitting on the floor like a random pick-up. The MegaHealth is not a small thing on a level, is a rare pick-up on a level and should be worked for, not just bumped into.

Although the weapon and item placement is a indeed a lot like Curse there is still that feeling of just dropping it there to make it work. Sometimes that works, but most of the time it does not. The only thing that was really noticeable and stood out was the huge torch holders. They just did not fit with the style of the map the lighting. On the other hand, the light emitting from the torches was done well.

I do like this version of Curse, I think it is a good remix, it looks good it is spacious and will make for a good time.

-Opiusx - Download.Frag.Succeed

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