Bloodflowers by Speaker

Looking at the screenshot for this map you might be thinking, "this looks a lot like a UT map", and you would be right. This is a remix and consists of a simple UT warehouse theme with a few hazards. With no outside ambiance, the setting is some unknown location and time, but what do we care we're going for the kills not the ambiance right? So let's go from that perspective.

With 8 bots loaded I found myself in Perfect Chaos. The level seems more suited to this player number but can be played with less, or even as a TeamDM.

The typical UT style of an open layout and simple details allows for great performance, however the weapon and item placement seems a little "soft" or even barren. With a little more work here the map may have felt more Q3A and less UT. I found myself often looking for a weapon or a health pick-up.

Bots Navigate just fine with the lifts, jumps, twists and turns and they will keep you on your toes, fraggin' you from some odd places as well.

The one real downfall with this map is a hazard you are not able to escape from - that is just cruel. All this map needs is a little polishing. It is really good for offline fragfest or online games. I personally enjoyed it and think you will as well.

-Opiusx - Download.Frag.Succeed.

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (13 votes)

Download: Bloodflowers by Speaker