thefront by NaturalSpringWater

The Front by NaturalSpringWater is a rectangular and symmetrical Gothic-style FFA map that is easy to learn. Arena file is included and the map also supports bot play.

The author recommends up to 5 players but it will comfortably support 8 and features 2 x SG, 2 x LG as well as a GL, PG, RL and RG. There are 4 x YA and 2 x RA and the powerups include a Personal Teleport, Medikit and MegaHealth.

Gameplay centres around a great hall where long distance exchanges will be the order of the day and is flanked by 2 open areas for close quarters combat. MH and RA spawn on a gangway that runs beneath the length of the main Hall in the red fog. Parallel to the hall runs a slightly smaller chamber with the Plasma Gun and lifts to two of the YA with a bouncepad taking you to the upper walkway which holds one of the Shot Guns. The Rail Gun resides above all this on a narrow ledge.

The author has used wall trims to stylish effect as well as ornamenting the grand arches in the main hall. There are no technical problems in construction that I am aware of.

Professionally constructed but I found gameplay lacking. Will appeal to those who like arenas with plenty of power-ups, rail and rocket exchanges with the added threat of the red fog below.

Reviewed by HelterSkeleton

Ranked: 3.4 out of 5 (17 votes)

Download: thefront by NaturalSpringWater