The clinky space
The clinky space by Microft768

_____Standard Q3DM17 map mod review form_____
(This form has been created to speed up the review process for the millions of maps submitted that use simple changes to the q3dm17 sample map.)

  1. Textures changed? NO
  2. Added other textures? YES
    1. If yes, are these custom textures? NO
  3. Added sounds? NO
  4. Music changed? NO
  5. Added platforms? YES
    1. If yes, do platforms enhance gameplay? NO
  6. Added architecture? YES
    1. If yes, does this enhance gameplay? NO
  7. Map modified for team play? YES
    1. If yes, does this enhance gameplay? NO
  8. (default, do not respond) Added BFG? (YES)
  9. Name extra powerups: Regen, Envirosuit, Speed
  10. (default, do not respond) Author's first map? (YES)
  11. Are the textures aligned correctly? YES
  12. Are there obvious brush cracks, z-fighting, or other issues? NO
  13. Is there a bot file? YES
    1. Do they actually play well? YES
  14. Did Cranky Steve actually reject this file because of the quality? NO
  15. Are some jumppads use as teleporters (and vice versa)? YES
  16. Are linear accelerators used as jumppads? NO
  17. Should anyone download this map? NO
  18. (default, do not respond) Will a million people download this map because everyone loves q3dm17 mod maps? (YES)

Reviewed by remnent

Ranked: 2.7 out of 5 (11 votes)

Download: The clinky space by Microft768