oktogon by =puppetmaster=

This latest map from =puppetmaster= continues a theme from his Geocomp2 entry (apocalyptica or pumatourney3) as this map was an entry for another Geometry Competition in 2004. His geometry of choice for this map is obviously the octagon, and they are everywhere.

The layout is a large ring around a 2 tier center area. This is a spacemap/floater but you only need to watch your step around the ring. Extra platforms and pillars give plenty of sniping vantage points for those who are well versed in the rocket jump. There are lots of stairs and elevation changes, which make it somewhat difficult to navigate easily.

Vertical movement of some pillars, custom skybox by Sahib, his own custom textures and lots of detailed brushwork add up to a visually stimulating arena. Although r_speeds suffer: upwards of 28,000 so pack a powerful PC for this one.

Bots didn't fall into the void too often, and navigated the terrain fairly well. All weapons except BFG, MegaHealth, no powerups or Quad. You don't fall very far before death in the void, and no death cry.

If small arena's are your taste or you just like a nice looking map, take it for a spin.

Reviewed by remnent

Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (19 votes)

Download: oktogon by =puppetmaster=