by JMW
sinners_prayer by JMW

The first things I saw when I spawned in Sinner's Prayer were two overlapping textures. Things didn't get much better from there. While the brushwork isn't sloppy, it could be neater. A few textures and other things could be cleared up. Sinner's Prayer uses a completely custom texture set and a couple custom map objects (models). The level supposed to have a religious kind of theme; the cross shape is found frequently throughout the map. Jumppads are custom, too, but the author should check their targets. On most of the pads, you jump straight up, and you're required to hold forward (or another direction) to make it to the next level. There is also a teleport that I accidentally stumbled into; there's no model or anything, just a texture on a wall. The BFG is too easy to access. Bots actually maneuver the map pretty well, but, unfortunately, that's the only good thing I really have to say.

I wouldn't recommend this one.

Reviewed by Radix

Ranked: 1 out of 5 (1 votes)

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