by JMW
sinners_prayer by JMW (Justin Michael Wright) --check out for more by JMW

sinners_prayer info
Time took to create: on and off for a couple months.

Time took to compile: about 5 mins.

Custom anything: There are some custom textures but they are not mine.

Special Areas: None, what you see is what you get.

Concept: I wanted to try my hand at a quake 3 map, mostly to get ready for Doom3. This is my first Quake 3 map and was a good
opportunity for me to work with curves and other features not in Hammer until HL2.

Other Maps: dmc_facedown, ms_ooga_booga, vs_frost, vs_prime, vs_bitten, de_lunar, de_bumrush, cs_lgn.
-All can be found at

map play
Recommended play for 2-4 players.
This is a free for all map.

I used standard Q3 textuers as well as textures from these map zips:
concrete_now, mrcq3t3, shivatest, q32thecore5, and sokar3dm5.

I used a couple standard Q3 models as well as these models:
celtic cross and impaled skel.

Big thanks to the creators of the above textures and models. I do not take credit for any
of their creations.

For quesitons concerning this map, email me at **email removed**

-Copyright JMW 2004 for game audio, levels, and art.