The Longer Way Home
The Longer Way Home by JustOneFiX

JustOneFix has taken The Long Way Home and reworked it as a capture the flag level. It works great. Balanced like all CTF's should be with more than one shared connection between them. The upper connection is the most elegant. Statues and Monitors are well made, and well used as are the plants on the lower levels, but they do not seem to have any reason for being there other than the author thought they might be cool. The textures vary nicely without there being to many of them.

I liked the play on this medium sized map. Flags are well situated for guarding and capturing. There is a good distance between the two camps and the frame rates are nice and fast.

Some of the textures are by Sock and Than. Models by: Herve Groussin, Todd Gantzler and Natestah.

Well worth the download for and CTF fans.

Reviewed by Falcona.

Ranked: 4.2 out of 5 (23 votes)

Download: The Longer Way Home by JustOneFiX