Disaster Area
Disaster Area by X-Nova

Name: Disaster; Gameplay: Disaster? Well. not quite that bad. This map is basically a box (hex-box, to be exact) with two floors and not much other than looks going for it.

There is a trap (hole in the floor) where you can get ground up, and another trap door on the lower floor where the Quad appears. Both traps are easily avoidable with the Quad still easy to get as it is in the center of the room where you can get on and off the small trap door quickly should it be triggered.

I tried to play with 6 others, but the map is simply too small for that load with death almost instantaneous upon spawning. Two to three players is a much more reasonable load. The Doom theme looks very nice and aesthetically speaking the custom textures are used very well; the skybox is especially nice.

Download it if you like small boxes as it's good for a few rounds with small numbers, but this level won't end up on our Quake 3 server.

Reviewed by Legrand [LN]

Tigs Notes: It reminded me of DM games on e1m7 (The House of Chthon, Quake). These were games with a few friends and a lot of fast action. You spend more time respawning than alive. A lot of fun with 2 to 4 players but that is all this one can take.

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (13 votes)

Download: Disaster Area by X-Nova