Viralis - Burial Grounds Map Pak 2
Viralis - Burial Grounds Map Pak 2 by Various

Into The Abyss (Water) by StormShadow (FFA/TDM 4-8, BGMP5): The level is basically an underwater base. The textures work great with the theme. Connectivity and item placement is very good. Action is really intense. Bots play pretty good, though they tend to stay around the running water area.

This is one of my favorites in this pak.

The Soremill (Wood) by Psion (FFA/TDM 5-10, BGMP6): Textures fit theme very well with a few metal textures here and there. Connectivity is OK. Some of the ledges are narrow, so it's a little hard to navigate in some areas. Item placement is OK. Action gets better with more players.

Overall the map is pretty good.

Fire Walker (Fire) by Finko (FFA 6-10, BGMP7): Pretty much a base. Textures are mainly stone. As represented by the recommended amount of players, this is a large map. Connectivity and item placement is pretty good. The accel pads are make the map more enjoyable. The action gets better as the amount of players increase. It's sometimes a little tricky to maneuver, but the bots do a good job.

A lot of fun when you have loads of people.

Mortal Wounds (Earth) by Jax_Gator (FFA 5-8, BGMP8): I started off in a cliffy area with lots of grass and a waterfall with a stream - nice! Textures were perfect and made the area look amazing. As I navigated I ended up entering what appeared to be a medieval temple. The textures were once again great. I really enjoyed this part of the map. The flow of the map is great. Navigating through this map was really smooth. With the specified player load, the action is very intense.

This is my favorite out of the whole pak.

Steel Force (Metal) by Finko (DM 6-10, BGMP9): A steel fortress with some holes, bounce pads and accel pads. Map looks nice to the eye. Nice use of textures. The item placement is good. Connectivity is good. The floating platform to the regen is a nice touch, but makes you an easy target. The action is good when you have a lot of players. The bots do pretty good and navigate the whole map.

Nice map with some very interesting concepts.

Overall, a good map pack. It's worth the download just for maps Water and Earth levels. I'm going to enjoy playing those for a long time.

Reviewed by Bizkit.

Tigs Notes: Also included is a fun Railing Space map (bgmp0) which is not listed in skirmish menu.

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (109 votes)

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