overBounce by Dim_Walker

A very small enclosed space map consisting of five towers in a cross shape, ramped at the edges and covered with bounce pads. Players respawn armed with rocket launchers and bounce around the towers, trying to shoot each other out of the sky.

Full marks to the author for such an experimental map which looks fine, but unless you want to test out your RL skills whilst flying, you won't find much here. At least when you fall off a tower you don't die but simply teleport to a random tower. There are a few small areas on the corner towers where there are no pads and you stay still, but then you're a prime target for those in the air, so gameplay balance is reasonable. Bots move around the map fine, but aren't adept at this kind of flying rocket combat.

Some will keep this map for sure, most won't.

Reviewed by Foebane

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (12 votes)

Download: overBounce by Dim_Walker