The Die is cast
The Die is cast by Storm{SmF}

What we have here is a multi-level, multi-room, Gothic textured level with big ceiling openings to the sky for the claustrophobic. All weapons and powerups (minus the personal teleporter) are present. The frame rate is great. The lightning is OK. The brushwork is detailed enough, but seems to loose the fight against all that z-fighting and t-junction cracks in the many curves.

Sometimes the texturing is met with sloppiness. There are problems with the bots, possibly related the structural errors. They stand still sometimes. The shader for the mapobject was inside a scripts/scripts folder (thus unreadable), the mapobject was doubled in the .pk3 and the levelshot too big in size, along with a thumbs.db file(?) in the folder. The author admits his inexperience, for an early attempt with so many technical difficulties is agreeable, but the map needs to be re-worked before it can stay in your hard drive.

Probably fun for a few rounds with human opponents only.

Reviewed by Firethrottle

Tigs Notes: The layout is pretty good however the number of technical errors really kills the longevity of the map. A re-build of this level by the author or someone else could produce a great TeamDM or FFA map.

Ranked: 3.3 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: The Die is cast by Storm{SmF}