My iron lung
by mIKE
My iron lung by mIKE

The title of this map might give you the wrong impression - this is not a claustrophobic level full of rusting metal scraps. It's an airy, open CTF map accentuating a great layout with Evil Lair's attractive seventh texture set. The concept is simple, and one that I have seen before, with slipshod results: the two flags are mere inches away from one another, separated by a grate that defenders can shoot through at the opposing team. The path from flag to flag, however, wends its way down and around a number of levels, and is much more than a quick hop from one base to the other. The architecture is eye-pleasing yet easy on the FPS.

The layout of the bases is more open than nearly any other, which makes fighting refreshingly different from the cramped melees of many CTF maps. Proper leading is necessary to make many of the long distance shots that will be required of both defenders and attackers. Bots are their usual dimwit selves on defense, but do surprisingly well on offense, using more than one route from flag to flag. There is little else to say; nothing is out of place or missing, the brushwork is tasteful and brought out nicely by the textures and bots do as well as can be expected.

My only two very small complaints would be that the common ground would do well to have some shallow water on the lower level, both to make that area more attractive and to provide other players on the upper level with sound cues. The lava texture used is rather ugly.

Another great CTF map by mIKE, featuring another great texture set from Evil Lair. Bots play well, so even if you don't have a good internet connection, you have no excuse not to begin your download immediately.

Reviewed by Havoc.

Ranked: 4 out of 5 (10 votes)

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