by on-X
Hydrophobia by on-X

A nicely constructed base-style level textured in a mixture of id originals and Yogi's base set. Hydrophobia is well laid out but probably more suited to human players than bots. Bot play is OK and they put up a good fight though the water tunnels but they tend to drown a lot. There are plenty of powerups - a teamed Regen and Haste near each base and a Quad in the central atrium - but again these are awkward for the bots to reach, making for a fairly one-sided game against bots. Ammo and armour is plentiful and all the weapons are there except the BFG. A solid piece of level design but seems to be missing staying power.

Download? It's your call. (This level is also included in the UPM3 pack)

Reviewed by Seremtan

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (9 votes)

Download: Hydrophobia by on-X