MSTourney1 by Mikko Sandt

This is a small, but nice Tourney map with a good mix of sock's textures and fast game play. The architecture is quite solid with stylish cones all around. The author has kept his attention to gameplay, scaling is perfect. One little thing is to mention is the stairs inside look wrong. They just to not seem architecturally correct. The item placement is great for the size of the level. Sound plays an important role. You can hear the enemy picking up items all over the place. Bots play a strong, offensive game but they have some problems with the Rail Gun.

It is a fine first map with some really good 1on1 gameplay.

Reviewed by Bene.

Tigs notes: The outside skybox is solid and because of this rockets will explode on it. I'm guessing a weaponclip shader was used instead of a playerclip one. You can also hit your head when going for the Rail Gun. Giving the player some more height and not boxing them in so much would have helped the level a lot.

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: MSTourney1 by Mikko Sandt