G-shock by Genitex

A tech-style CTF-map. The layout is quite simple and thats the fun of the map. But there is a problem: The platforms are often too narrow and rather small, so it is easy to fall from them. The disadvantage of the simplicity is that there is only one real way to get to the opposing teams base. This leads to gameplay that can be described as fragging in a circle. Bots play the level well. Items are a little difficult to reach because they are at the edge of the platforms (caution is needed). The design is solid, but the lightning is lacking.

With some improvements the map could be good fast CTF gameplay. A nice, simple CTF map for instant action.

Reviewed by Bene

Tigs notes: This map comes with a very annoying sound file. I highly suggest you open the pk3 and delete sound/gctf2.wav

Ranked: 2.7 out of 5 (7 votes)

Download: G-shock by Genitex