G-shock by Genitex
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Gorf Rep. 228
#6   28 Apr 2015
Nice map Aadit. I hate most of the space maps but there are a few that keep me interested. This is one of them.
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Aadit Shrestha, Author unregistered
#5   30 Jul 2012
Thanks , for the comments :] ,, yes this map was done as a practice map long time ago ,,lol i was 14 - 15 years old when i did it like 10 years ago .And I am very glad that although few , some enjoyed it. Frankly Q3 is the best game ever. i still have momories of going around fragging with the rocket launcher ^_^" . Hopefully this summer i can devote some time again to the wonderful game make some maps again.
Thank you everyone for the comments I really appreciate it
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FragTastic Rep. 2317
#4   07 Jul 2012
Wow all of the bots are added in this map when it's only compatible with 6 players :o. I like the idea of the red/blue platforms it actually looks really cool. 7/10.
Edited: 08 Jul 2012 AEST
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not entered unregistered
#3   26 Dec 2004
well nice to play for 3-3 ctf
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*papri-K* unregistered
#2   05 May 2003
This map comes with a very annoying sound file. I highly suggest you open the pk3 and delete sound/gctf2.wav

d'oh but then, you get the "missing sound file"-sound when in-game, which is as annoying...

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Seremtan unregistered
#1   29 Apr 2003
This is a remake of a level I reviewed (somewhat disparagingly) months and months ago. If anything this version looks even worse.
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