Bitter Space
by poub
Bitter Space by poub

A tasty rust flavored map with a unique layout. The thing that surprised me about this map how much fun it was to play. The raised cubes made for some hardcore bounce pad rocketry while also adding a few dominant railing points.

A Quad, 2 MH, 2 RG, 2RL and a GL round out the items. All positioned for your gaming pleasure. There is also a nice surprise under the rail over the pit, which is fun for repeated use. Bots play great if you feel like using them as rail practice. A standout at a LAN. Not really newbie friendly though.

If you like to launch newbies off platforms or love railing. It's well worth adownload.

Reviewed by VanZeR**

Ranked: 2.5 out of 5 (6 votes)

Download: Bitter Space by poub