The Happy Rocketjumper
The Happy Rocketjumper by GormenDIzer

This map seems to be a collection of too many ideas at once. There is a blue lighting theme, a fire-lit theme, a large, narrow secret BFG room, and a rather immense outdoor area. Each of these are only adequately developed by the mapper. It may have been better if they were each developed into their own unique map instead of being lumped together. The lighting is a bit sub-par and quite a few textures are missing from the .pk3 file. There are also a low number of spawn spots located close together. This leads most of the action in this large map to be confined to the respawn locations.

The bots suffer from the bot clustering syndrome, which is they tend to stick around one area and not venture into other places.

Not a bad first attempt by this mapper, but most will probably want to skip it. The filename and readme has a _beta tag, however this is the final release.

Reviewed by oRBIT.

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (4 votes)

Download: The Happy Rocketjumper by GormenDIzer