Crescents by tanyeli

Architecturally this is an immensely ambitious level. The basic layout is formed of large, two level circular rooms intersecting at doorways. A lower room contains the red armour and Mega Health. Area portals have been used to help increase the frame rate but low end system will still have performance problems. Adding 3 to 5 bots will also decease performance, even on mid-range systems. The game play feels sluggish and slow. Halving the room sizes may have helped both the game play and the performance issues. The three circular pits are an interesting detail but are too confusing as death-pits and easy to fall into. Bots play ok but they have a few problem points on the map.

Feels more like an exercise in brush based editing than a DeathMatch environment. Worth a look but thats all. (A few people have had problems loading this map.)

Ranked: 3.5 out of 5 (13 votes)

Download: Crescents by tanyeli