The Quick And The Deadone
The Quick And The Deadone by CrUdE

A very well thought out DM map with a clever layout and excellent item placement. There is a main room with stairs accessing to center and periphery regions. A quad damage is located not too far away from this room, which leads to some terrific battles. There are several other alleys and little rooms as well, but you always seem to end up in this main room. This main room is a little tedious to navigate with the myriad of stairs, but nothing too difficult.

I would have liked to see the rail gun room a little larger. It is directly under the platform in the main room and it feels a little cramped. The white fog here is a nice touch, however, I would have rather seen it used elsewhere in the map. The bots navigate this map very well and put up an exceptional fight!

Overall, a very impressive first attempt by the author! Definitely worth a look!

Reviewed by oRBIT.

Ranked: 4.3 out of 5 (6 votes)

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