Storm Sector 7
Storm Sector 7 by An7hrax

A creepy dark green Gothic map with textures and map objects by Evil Lair and Mr. Clean. This map has a great atmosphere, supported by unusual and original architecture, creepy lights and textures, plus crushed bits of wall and holes smashed through the floor. Shortcuts are available if you can jump really far, and the multileveled layout encourages the tactical approach. Certainly not a map for mere mortals or newbies. Bots seem to know their way around the map well enough, providing battles in all areas and attacks from every conceivable angle. They do have trouble with some of the jumps, but have no problem finding items, or people to use them on. Somewhat haphazard placement of a few weapons makes it difficult to memorize locations. Watch yourself and don't stand still or you'll be just another statistic.

Download this map and get shot for an hour or two. Then do it again later.

Reviewed by raptorE

Tigs Notes: The source map file for this level is available under the OGSL. Download it here.

Ranked: 4.5 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Storm Sector 7 by An7hrax