Chains of Darkness
Chains of Darkness by Kestrel

An interesting mixture in terms of size, layout and textures. A medium-sized map with an enclosed, large main area, an overpass and access to an "underground lair". The main area is highlighted by a wooden walkway over a pit out one end. The layout of the map gives the impression of a much larger arena as the number of paths that can be taken around the map are many. The textures used help to keep your bearings and suit the areas they beautify. Kestrel has created a well balanced map that is easy to learn and fun to frag in.

Looking at the readme, there was a huge team of beta-testers checking the game play on this one and it shows. Not perhaps the best layout ever or the best looking ever but great fun. Bots played well. They use all areas of the map, even the powerup hole. All of the weapons except BFG are included in this one.

A well balanced map. Some may want to hold onto this one.

Reviewed by Daniel

Ranked: 3.6 out of 5 (10 votes)

Download: Chains of Darkness by Kestrel