Chains of Darkness
Map: Chains of Darkness
Filename: kesq3dm1.pk3
Author: Kestrel (**email removed**)
Date: 06/10/02

Size: Small
Theme: Gothic/Medieval
Player Count: 4-8, depending on how crowded you like it
Bot Support: Yes
New Textures: Yes, created by evil lair (evil7: dismal solace) and Kat
New Shaders: No
New Sounds: No
New Music: No

* Redeemer, for endless suggestions and advice (and a cool levelshot)
* djbob, author of bobtoolz
* evil lair, maker of some excellent textures (
* Kat, for excellent rock textures and rock building methods
* The beta testers: *papri-K*, <SuX0r>, Andy, bigfoot113, Buttmunch, DauQN,
elvis, eskimo roll, Kat, Kell, Mikey, QkennyQ, Raven,
Redeemer, Shallow[BAP], StormShadow, Tems, Terminal,
WangButter, Whiskey 7, and anyone else I accidentally forgot
* Lanz, author of Q3ME
* The crew of QERadiant (
* Everyone at the Q3World forums (
* id Software (

Compile Machine: Athlon XP 1700, 512 DDR Ram, GeForce 256 DDR
Compile Mode: -vis -light -extra
Compile Time: 4 min 36 sec
Programs Used:
* GtkRadiant 1.1.1 - Actually this was the last of several versions of Radiant that I used
* Intellibot (
* Q3ME (
* Paint Shop Pro 7
* UltraEdit
* Winamp - Nothing like good mapping music
* Perl - For generally automating everything I was too lazy to do repeatedly

This map was created for use in Quake III Arena and is bound by any and all restrictions placed on
it by id Software. In addition, it cannot be modified, decompiled, borrowed, or used as a base for
another level without my explicit permission. This level can be freely distributed under two
conditions: no profit (indirect or otherwise) can ever be made off of distributing it (including CD
compilations) and also that *all* the original files are distributed with it and remain unmodified.
If this level is ever placed in a pack or compilation (completely non-profit of course) or is put
into a server rotation, feel free to let me know because I would enjoy hearing about it.