Come as you are
by poub
Title : Come as you are
Filename : bo3dm9a.pk3
Author : b o s s
Email Address : **email removed**
Misc. Author Info : Nationality: France/Germany
Age: 19

Description : Quake 3 Arena map

* Play Information *

Game : Quake III Arena
Bot support : No. In first place, there was no aas, but for popular reasons I had to add it...
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : No
New Music : No

Mod in Mind : CPMA (map will play much better with promode and pmove-settings)

Mode in Mind : Tournament. TOURNAMENT. T-O-U-R-N-A-M-E-N-T.
(Other modes might be fun if you're in the pt4/cpm3-ffa thing)

* Construction *

Base : From scratch. See Comment for further details.

Editor(s) used : Radiant 2.02
Other Utilities : WinAmp for Inspirational music, Nirvana (Come as you are...), several Q3-movies
Known Bugs : None, well the slime under RG/Mega doesn't hurt you because it's clipped.

Construction Time : Base Level (bo3dm9): One evening/night, after LANs/testing it took a few days with about
3 hours of work per day to this version.
Compile time : What compile time? File was done just after I released the key... ;) (8 minutes)


* Miscellaneous *

Comment : Second Version, as the "a" after the name indicates. Extended, better texturing...
Item-set similar to pt4, two ya, one mega but more shards and a gl instead of shottie.
Doors are the same pt4-style (though they (the doors) appear on many other id-maps, too).

I made the map not for the crowd, this is MY map, a map I did entirely for myself. Every detail is
reflecting my playstyle and this is the first map I am absolutely fond of. It plays faster than any
other map I know, though if you're clever, you can hide and flee your enemy quite easily. I spent
much time testing size, flow and movement. Architecture is rather simple, punishing every lack
of concentration and attention towards enemy-movement. Mega room and PG room are death-traps on first
sight, but the two ways out let you a good chance to outsmart and surprise your enemy. Uh, I love this

Hints : * Controlling armors and mega is better than camping the middle room with rg and rl.
* Remember door tricks, activate them with mg to puzzle your enemy.
* Teleporters are very fast, but if you use them, be aware of coming out in front of your enemy.
* There are no secrets in this map, no camping on a high perch, no hidden greets, no nothing.
* If playing promode, primary objective after spawning: get armor.
* Play promode, because map-tactics live from fastswitching weapons. You're right, I love cpma.
* If you're gonna be dumb, you better be tough.

Copyright You may decompile this map (to see how it's done and for the Respawns) but you may NOT build additional maps with it.
You may get your ass busted by my lawyer if you don't tell me. You may get your ass busted by my lawyer if you try to
sell or make money by other ways with MY map. You may do me a great favor if you spread this .pk3 over the world so
everybody plays my map.