Palindrome by Hal9000

Hal9000 is back with another CTF map for your pleasure. The map is a study in stark monochrome textures (from EvilLair) and are shot through with Tron like primary colors for the bases and teleporters. The map is pleasant on the eye and easy on the frame rates. Lower end systems should have no problems with this one. The level comes in Q3A CTF and TA flavors for your fragging fun.

This is an excellent CTF map that seems to get everything right. The layout is easy to learn yet varied enough to allow many approaches to the flag rooms. The routes are well marked by signs and color. The flag rooms are open to nasty attacks yet can be held against assault. The common area is open, yet broken up enough to allow a flag carrier cover to cross it in one piece. Weapons, items and health are well placed to allow a player to load up for an assault or defence on the move. In short it has all the things to make a CTF level fun to play.

The TA game play is good. One Flag CTF and Harvester are fun but the winner is Overload. Hey it is pretty much all good.

Bots play the level just fine. The pathing is nice, bots take different routes to the flag and will even knock down the skull in Overload if you don't watch them. Humans make the map sing however and I hope that this one makes it up onto the public servers.

Download it! You will play it over and over.

Reviewed By Meatboy Dogfood

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (29 votes)

Download: Palindrome by Hal9000