Just Like Suicide
Just Like Suicide by Lukin

This small, vertical map is that simple Tourney arena you were looking for. The author recommends to play it with the CPMA mod. The design is basically base type, but with varied styles from room to room, which has a very refreshing effect. The author also added very nice bits of randomness like broken walls, something that is not commonly seen. The item placement is good, although the lower floor has too much health. The Rail Gun could have been placed in a more exposed position, to enable players to get it more often. The red and yellow armour, and the MegaHealth, are distributed in a way that ensure game flow, but require either a rocket jump or some controlled strafe jumping. Bots do not go for these items, making bot play rather easy.

A very nice little Tourney map, that could have benefited from some item placement tweaking. It is worth a look, specially if you have the possibility to play on it against humans.


Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (12 votes)

Download: Just Like Suicide by Lukin