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BRIDGE 2 RAIL 2 SESAMESTREET by ibt.tbat & ibt.illu

The title isn't the only thing strange about this map. According to the unforthcoming readme, this is a 'trickjump training map.' Erm, if you say so. The map itself is well-constructed and lit (apart from the sparkles where the curve patches meet the brushes on the RG ledge). Based on the RG section q3dm6 and nothing else. There is no bot file. More importantly, there are no trick jumps. Once you've RJ-ed up to the RG ledge a few times you realise the futility of your actions and give up. Which is a shame, because with an .aas file this could have made a nice little in-your-face rocket 'n rail fragfest. As it is, it's a total waste of time (unless there are other player spawns for server/LAN play - ?).

Oh yeah, and the title refers to the big pictures of Bert and Ernie off Sesame Street next to the RL. Why?

Add a botfile and this could be fun. Without it, it's a dog. Avoid.

- Seremtan

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